Ignacio López Tarso reveals that he does not have a job due to the pandemic

“My granddaughter did all this (home vaccination process) when she went to get vaccinated with her mother. So they were here, they talked, they took some photos with me; four nurses came, a doctor, an assistant, three elements of the National Guard who came uniformed. They were, they talked and they left “.

Ignacio López Tarso (Facebook)

“They were waiting for a reaction, there was nothing and I am very well, there has been no discomfort. (…) It was all very easy, very kind, they arrived very punctual and they were very friendly,” he shared.

The 96-year-old actor said he hopes this will be fixed as soon as possible. “You can’t live like this, they are leading Mexico to crisis, failure. That everyone is already vaccinated, please, that they hurry to that so that this is resolved as soon as possible.”