Iglesias asks for compensation of 5,300 euros per month as former vice president until 4M

Pablo Iglesias, on March 17 in Congress. (Photo: Europa Press via Getty Images)

The former second vice president of the Government and candidate for United We Can to the Madrid elections on May 4, Pablo Iglesias, has requested the compensation of 5,300 euros per month to which he is entitled for having been a member of the Executive for 14 months.

He will receive it for a month given that after the May 4 elections he has the commitment to take office as a deputy of the Madrid Assembly as a candidate for United We Can, as sources familiar with his request have confirmed to Europa Press.

The Maldita.es media has advanced, through a request to the Office of Conflicts of Interest that depends on the Ministry of Territorial Policy, that on April 6 the request of Iglesias to take advantage of this compensatory remuneration entered the registry.

Former members of the Executive may receive a compensatory pension for a period equal to the time they held the position

The law regulating the exercise of high office of the General State Administration guides this option for positions that have ceased their function and provided that they do not hold any public office or work in the private sector. And it is that the regulations guideline that is incompatible with any other remuneration.

In this way, former members of the Executive can receive this compensatory pension for a period equal to the time during which they held this position and which corresponds to 80% of the salary, which is formalized the month after requesting it.

Almost 80,000 euros for a little more than a year in Moncloa

According to the General State Budgets, the remuneration of Iglesias was 79,746.24 euros per year during his time in the Government, so the compensation in monthly terms would be equivalent to about 5,300 euros per month.

However, the forecast is that Iglesias uses this compensatory remuneration for only one month, since he has stated that his commitment is to take possession of an autonomous deputy …

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