Iglesias accuses Vox of going to Vallecas to “provoke violence” and Abascal of “breaking the cord to force a load”

The secretary general of Podemos and purple candidate to preside over the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, has accused the “ultras of Vox” this Wednesday of going to Vallecas “to provoke violence” during his pre-campaign act in the Madrid neighborhood.

The day of this Wednesday, April 7, has been marked by tension with the protesters who have approached the Plaza de la Constitución – popularly called ‘Red Square’ – to boycott the act and protest against the presence of the members of the party led by Santiago Abascal. “The images are unequivocal: An ultra is seen throwing objects at the neighbors and Abascal breaking the police cordon with his thugs to cause a load, “asserts Iglesias in a Twitter thread.

And it is that, just after the arrival of Abascal and the candidate for the Madrid elections on May 4, Rocío Monasterio, clashes broke out between protesters -which the green formation has repeatedly accused of having thrown objects- and the National Police, which charged hard against the crowd to disperse it and move it away from the perimeter marked around the lectern of the Vox leaders.

So far, 13 injuries have been reported, but several have been hit, both by throwing bottles and stones, and by police charges.. “Among those beaten in the cargo there are, as usual, informants. One of them is Dani Gago, our photographer and member of our state leadership “, reported the leader of Podemos, lamenting that,” however, tomorrow many televisions, radios and newspapers are going to tell you that Poland invaded Germany. “

Thus, the candidate for the purple formation in the Madrid elections has concluded by stating that “Vox will continue advocating terrorism, vindicating Francoism and promoting violence. And it will do so with the support of the PP. Faced with their hatred, their violence and their provocations: democracy, social justice and human rights. Always anti-fascists “.

There are several politicians who have spoken about it, although with differing opinions about what happened. His partner, the spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has published a tweet with a similar message in which he pointed to the “posh” who have attended the rally to “try to provoke the neighbors.” “Today some posh have gone to Vallecas to try to provoke the neighbors with bravado. They have peacefully reminded them of how little love their boss has for work and he has come after them to cause a burden. Tomorrow the TVs will lie to you and tell you that it was the other way around, “he assured.

The president of the Community of Madrid, for her part, has shown her rejection of the events in the working-class neighborhood of Madrid and has launched a message of support for Vox after the riots during its pre-campaign act. “All my support for Vox in the face of the intolerable attacks suffered in Vallecas. Madrid belongs to everyone. Also, at a time when the extreme left is collapsing in the neighborhoods that were believed to be theirs. Madrid is Freedom “, he wrote in a tweet.

Similar message, but more concrete, has been published by the mayor of Madrid, Jose Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has shown his rejection of “violence against different ideologies.” “It is not admissible,” he said on his Twitter profile, adding that “Madrid is a free city.”

The Citizens’ candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Edmundo bal, has also denounced that someone is “harassed” “for their ideas.” “The only ones left over are the violent ones. Today many speak in the name of Vallecas, but not of the problems of their neighbors. Let’s stop this, “Bal has written on his social networks.

The PSOE candidate has also rejected violence and “extremism” at the Vox rally. “What happened in Vallecas is very serious.Extremism feeds on extremism. Violent attitudes are always rejectionable. We have to stop this spiral and do it democratically by voting massively with our convictions. And stopping the path of fear and hatred “, has written Angel Gabilondo on his Twitter account.