At this point in your career, what else can we say about the great Iggy Pop, either with The Stooges or solo, became a true music legend. At 73 years old, still active, playing all over the world with almost the same energy that characterized him during his youth and releasing new music, demonstrating that despite having an impeccable career, he still wants to continue creating.

Just last year, the American rocker released Free, album number 18 in his solo career. Even in mid-April of this 2020 and to celebrate his birthday he put up for free download a cover called “Family Affair”However, there are some gems within his discography that need to be revalued so that a new generation knows them or those who grew up with him remember one of his best times.


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Without a doubt one of the most iconic songs in Iggy Pop’s career is “The Passenger”, which appeared as the B side of the song ‘Success’, the first single released from their second solo studio album Lust For Life and that it had the participation of the great David Bowie.

Years later and after debuting on this album, became one of the inevitable topics when talking about the American rocker. Thanks to the fact that it is a real milestone and the popularity that this song won, since its launch they have used it in a lot of series, movies, advertising campaigns and more, perhaps bringing to a new generation the music Pop wrote during the 1970s in Berlin.

It's never too late: Iggy Pop releases the official video of It's never too late: Iggy Pop releases the official video of

Iggy Pop playing in England in 1977 / Photo: .

A nostalgic collage from the 70s

However, even though is one of the most important songs of his career, did not have an official video. That is why 43 years after releasing it, Iggy Pop decided it was the perfect time to give him the place he deserves., with an audiovisual that will surely draw more than one, because it is a true flashback to the past.

The video clip was directed by Simon Taylor in collaboration with the studio Tomato –Who were in charge of the cover of the rocker’s latest album. At we see a collection of black and white photos of a young Iggy, which fade over a bunch of bullets and the camera shows us the way of a highway, as if it were Iggy’s own route.

It's never too late: Iggy Pop releases the official video of It's never too late: Iggy Pop releases the official video of

Iggy Pop giving a show in New York during 1977 / Photo: .

Thanks to the stock images provided by the British photographer Paul McAlpine, we can continue some of the star’s musical adventures in the late 70s. Regarding this video and according to NME, Iggy Pop thanked the people who were involved in this project: “Thank you for those beautiful shots that make this video really encapsulate the period I lived in.”

But enough talking stop what you are doing and check out the nostalgic video for “The Passenger” below:

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