Cellular users with prepaid plans that do not have a balance can activate an emergency plan to call and send voice messages during the contingency.

Mobile service operators AT&T, Movistar and Telcel pledged to implement user support measures during the health situation due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Through a statement, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) highlighted the launch of a “emergency plan”For its active prepaid clients, which will allow them to have, for a single occasion and free of charge, a package of voice calls and text messages to stay connected during the emergency.

“This and other measures created to support users during the health contingency derive from collaborative regulatory mechanisms, led by the IFT and in coordination with the industry, to guarantee continuity at all times and especially during the current situation due to the pandemic of telecommunications services, as well as for ensure that users are kept in communication in an emergency

Even without the emergency plan, users will be able to continue making, at no cost, calls to emergency services such as 911 and the line enabled by the Federal Government for the attention of Health Contingency.

They may also browse free of charge within the internet portal of the health authority https://coronavirus.gob.mx/, as long as the content is accessed from that portal.

In the same way, they will be able to access the COVID-19MX mobile application from the Ministry of Health and, depending on what is implemented by each operator, to educational and cultural pages.

The IFT reported that Mexico has 121 million mobile phone lines registered until the end of the third quarter of 2019, of which, 83 percent are on prepaid schemes.

“This measure becomes an important support of the industry to guarantee that users remain communicated in a contingency situation like the current one, focusing on that it is only the people who really need to access this benefit, who request it from your service providers. ”


Other measures for the benefit of users

During the health contingency due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the mobile service providers, AT&T, Movistar and Telcel, have strengthened their remote care channels, both by phone and online, for balance recharges, bill payment and purchase equipment, “in order to avoid that its users have to move.”

During this period, some mobile service operators will be offering support schemes or measures for their users, such as relaxation of data limits or of policies of “fair use without extra charge”, with which data or additional balance is given to what is offered in the package.

Some service providers will allow their clients in “postpaid” schemes to migrate, temporarily and without penalties, to plans with preferential prices during the contingency.