Ifahto in charge of the EFFIE Week and the AVE Gala Awards

The EFFIE Week and the AVE Gala Awards are two important references in the advertising industry this year, since in these the creative effort is patented in the midst of the contingency that is experienced.

There are a number of elements that we have to be attentive to, especially when we look at the capacity that brands have reached in the market.

An element that we cannot lose sight of today in the celebration of events is the power of a creative idea, just as Ifhato will.

The advertising market is in a unique moment of great importance, especially because we are witnessing the capacity that ideas have in the market, especially when they are managed in the midst of contingency, as Ifhato will do in charge of the EFFIE Week and the Gala Awards of the bird.

This weight of ideas has become an element of great value, especially because of how important consumption has become and above all, because of the capacity that brands have achieved in achieving innovation through messages.

Recognizing the capacity of these messages becomes increasingly important, as they determine how important it becomes in the market to understand the consumer and create value narratives that are being rewarded.

Faced with these proposals, an aspect that we cannot lose sight of is how all these events will be held and how important they are, in order to understand the value they have.

That is why it is important to highlight the agency that will be in charge of the EFFIE Week and the AVE Gala Awards.

This year’s edition will be in charge of Ifahto, a benchmark in the creative market and an agency that has been able to consolidate itself with great success in the industry, due to the proposals it has established in this market.

“Our expertise in having developed more than 400 virtual events last year for different companies was a relevant factor for the AVE to grant us its most important event of the year,” said the CEO of ifahto, Ignacio Famanía.

Regarding this year’s celebration, the executive president of the AVE, Sergio López, has recognized that the highly technological digital solution that Ifahto presented us, led us to make the decision to work with them again, now entirely virtual, based on in the experience of his team, in the advanced of his technological equipment and in all the initial service that they gave us regarding the sending of the invitation emails and subsequent confirmation of attendance. I am sure it will be a great event during these 3 days ”.

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