If zero emissions are not achieved by 2050, migration will be 10 times higher

Bill Gates during the interview with Fos News Sunday. (Free Press Photo: Internet)

This Sunday, February 21, the Fox Business portal released an interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, about the recent publication of your book How to avoid a climate disaster.

With the book, the American philanthropist and magnate sends a warning to the world: if a net zero carbon emission is not achieved by 2050, there will be great consequences.

To achieve this, Gates argues that it is necessary for the world go to the current 51 billion tons of emissions to zero in the next 30 years to avoid a catastrophe.

Given the aforementioned, the IT businessman used as a point of reference the migratory cases caused by the civil war in Syria, which in part depended on the weather: “We will have 10 times more migrations because the equatorial areas will become uninhabitable ”.

Failure to achieve a zero level in carbon emission It could not be cultivated or go outside during the summer. Droughts and wildfires can drastically reduce productivity in the southern United States, Gates said in an interview with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

In addition, he mentioned that “the general instability will be five times higher than the number of deaths at the peak of the pandemic and it will increase every year ”.

Gates said if you wait 10 more years for the cut he proposes in 2050, it wouldn’t be as bad as wait 20 or 30 because « the temperature keeps rising. » The cap established by the magnate in his book responds to the fact that it is « the closest realistic date for the world to change all types of emissions. »

The Microsoft co-founder has been mired in criticism of positions from the left and right. The former claim that you are not going far enough and that you need to support the Green New Deal -a series of political proposals to tackle global warming-, with efforts to reduce net emissions to zero by 2030.

Before the accusations, he replied that it was something « completely unrealistic », since it would take at least 30 years achieve it.

Gates too has been criticized for talking about the need to reduce emissions, while having a huge carbon footprint from living in a big house and flying in a private jet. The businessman replied that his other actions make up for this.

« I’m offsetting my carbon emissions by buying clean jet fuel and financing carbon capture, as well as financing low-cost housing projects to use electricity instead of natural gas« He defended himself.

The mogul who created tens of thousands of jobs and established the United States as a technology leader worldwide, said that while a shift to green energy will be necessary, it will result in a significant growth in employment for engineers.

“The engineering skills, the things those workers do will be important. In fact, we will have to almost triple the size of the power grid and build all that transmission« , Held.

« Therefore, not that there will be a shortage of jobs in generall, it’s just a balance to make sure each community sticks to the plan, ”he explained.

Gates also rejected a claim from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who said the problems facing the state’s power grid during its winter storm are the result of green power failures, particularly wind power.

« That is not entirely true, » responded the Microsoft co-founder, who argued that the power shortage was the result of the failure of the air conditioning of the electrical systems. He mentioned that while wind turbines are part of this, it is possible to air them, as evidenced by its use in the states of North Dakota and Alaska.