Just 22 percent of employers have a defined plan for returning to the office

Figures show 58 percent of employees want to go back, but there is a lingering fear of getting it

However, only nine percent of the entrepreneurs surveyed by Tandem believe that there is fear of returning.

For a few weeks now, the gradual return to the office, the streets and the « new normal » began. In the retail and restaurant sector, the way in which brands interact with users is being rethought. While protections have been put in place to limit crowding of people indoors, some measures have not had the expected effect.

The challenge is especially tough for brands that want to bring their collaborators back to the office. According to Business Insider, closed spaces with little air circulation are perfect for transmitting COVID-19. Something that, in data from The Conversation, will transform the working environment. According to Tandem, essential inputs are needed to start:

Gel alcohol for the office

Perhaps this is the most indispensable product for any place where many people gather throughout the day, not just for an office. This input will help people to have a frequent practice of washing their hands. In this way, it is much more difficult for the virus to reach some surface where it can be transmitted to the rest of the collaborators.

Disinfecting wipes

Of course, it is not enough that the hands of people in the office are clean. There are a multitude of surfaces where the virus can sit for several hours, maintaining its potential for infection. For example, cell phones, keys, computers, documents, etc. In this sense, it is also important to promote the disinfection of objects on a regular basis.

Related Notes

Office with mandatory face mask

Regardless of the company’s line of business, it is important that all employees are always wearing face masks, face shields or face masks in the office. This is especially important if you plan to have constant meetings with clients, suppliers or people outside the institution. Since the virus is transmitted through droplets of saliva, it is the first barrier to prevention.

Temperature gauges

It is also important that protection filters are established at the entrances of the office. And for this, it is essential to have these inputs to monitor the symptoms of all individuals. True, many experts agree that COVID-19 can be transmitted long before fever begins. But at least that way you can reduce your total exposure.

Trash cans and dispensers for a contactless office

Interestingly, since before the pandemic, there were countless spaces and items throughout the office that promoted the spread of infection, even in cleaning spaces. For example, soap dispensers, trash cans, or doors that require people to physically interact with them. The gradual elimination of these elements will be necessary.

Portable purifiers

This input, as well as the following ones that will be mentioned at the end of the list, is not a basic necessity for the office. However, it could substantially reduce the chance of infection. The device will especially help in spaces where there is no air conditioning that gives directly to the outside. This, because it helps to eliminate germs in the environment.

Cubicles and partitions throughout the office

Many companies have decided to bet on a more open system of work, where people are in places without walls to give a feeling of greater freedom. However, with the entire health emergency, office segmentation will need to be reinstated. Cubicles and physical barriers made of glass, plastic or acrylic can reduce the risk of infection.

Disinfecting mats

Another surface that is usually riddled with germs and which is not given much attention is the sole of the shoes. Thus, they can be a risk factor for infection in the office. A good way to reduce danger is with these supplies. There are various materials, such as plush and vinyl. And its function is, of course, to eliminate the presence of viruses from the feet.