Antoine Goretti from “La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 5” has decided to open his OnlyFans account. He tells his fans everything.

Reality TV contestants aren’t the only ones wanting monetize their photos a little more suggestive, the candidates too. Indeed, Antoine Goretti has announced that he has opened his OnlyFans account.

Antoine Goretti opens an OnlyFans account:

Discovered in 10 Perfect Couples 3, it is in La Villa des Cœurs Brisés 5 that Antoine Goretti was able to reveal more to viewers. And obviously, he wants to continue to reveal himself but in a very different way this time.

This is his advantageous physique which he has decided to promote via his OnlyFans account.

He answers questions from subscribers

Many are his subscribers Instagram to have had questions to ask him about it. As a reminder, OnlyFans is a paid platform on which members can discover exclusive, and very often very hot, photos of the people they decide to follow.

He said more about the content he plans to post on this paid platform:

I make content that I believe is not Instagram compliant and that I do not publish.

If he will continue to post on Instagram, what his fans will find on OnlyFans will be “sexier and more sophisticated” content.

However, he claims thathe will not show his private parts which will remain in the private sector.

He doesn’t care what will be said

Antoine Goretti assumes perfectly as he was able to make Internet users understand:

We can think what we want. If some think it is prostitution, they are free to take that opinion. For my part, it is not and I know where my limits are. I have no problem with my body. I work hard to make it like it and it can interest some people so much the better, otherwise there is Netflix too.

Very frank, he made no secret of doing this to have additional income. Indeed, when an internet user asked him why he was doing that, the young man replied:

I am not forcing anyone to subscribe. […] I just want to offer different and unpublished photos […] and for the money of course. […] A sane guy multiplies the sources of income. I was even stupid not to think about it sooner.

He subsequently spoke via a video in which he reconsidered the criticisms he may have received:

If you think I’m a bitch, you are free. […] It makes me laugh but it’s normal, it’s mandatory, it’s a bit special I hear. […] I’m not going to show you my little zoziau, calm down.

He added :

It’s my body, it’s my life.

More and more popular platforms

Platforms like OnlyFans are increasingly popular with reality TV contestants. One of the pioneers in this area is Nathalie Andréani, who speaks openly and without shame on this subject.

She took the talk on Starmag, stating in particular:

I am not an escort. I am a virtual model and I fulfill fantasies for men or couples. I started this activity on my own. I lead it without constraint, in total freedom. I can quit whenever I want.

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