If you receive this SMS from Social Security, it is true, this time it is not a scam | Technology

The General Treasury of the Social Security is sending an SMS, and we will tell you what it is about and if it is a good idea to click on its link.

The General Treasury of Social Security It has already offered an electronic office for quite some time where we can consult our work life, notifications and even make some kind of modification in our data, and in the last hours they have released a new portal (at the moment it seems that it will coexist with the old one) in which we can carry out basically the same procedures, but with a much friendlier and simpler design.

For example, thanks to this portal, and entering with the correct credentials, we can consult the working life, make registrations, cancellations and modifications, consult payments and debts or modify personal data, and up to 36 more procedures.

To publicize the new portal, the General Treasury of Social Security is informing by SMS of its existence, an SMS that not everyone is receiving, and that right now is being shared only with employers and workers in domestic employment. It is unknown if Social Security will send this same message to other groups in the coming weeks.

That is why the Social Security itself is informing that if you receive an SMS talking about this portal, it is totally safe for you to click on the link, although in view of the fact that it has now been released, it could not be ruled out that cybercriminals take advantage the occasion to send similar messages.

We always advise you to enter your computer manually, typing the domain you want to access in the search bar.

Today cybercriminals are posing as well-known companies and even government organizations to try to deceive the user and get their personal data for future attacks.

If it is time to renew your DNI, or it has even expired due to an oversight, you can carry out most of the procedures online. You will get all the information you need and you will save a lot of time. We explain how to do it.

We have already tried the new Social Security portal, and it feels much simpler and more intuitive, although at the moment it is coexisting simultaneously with the one that already existed previously.

what it means and how to troubleshoot

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