Our diet has changed over time, if we ask our grandparents we would discover how many of the products that we love Now they did not know them, mainly because their origin is foreign. Soy and edamame are an example of this evolution.

Although there are now enough soybean crops in Spain, this food has come to us from Asia and thanks to cultures like Japanese and Chinese we have learned to appreciate it. The edamame was before and very typical appetizer in Japanese restaurants And from there, it has ended up making the leap to supermarkets, becoming a successful product at Mercadona.

The Juan Roig supermarket chain has taken advantage of this new food trend to get a new snack. The landowner brand has created the Mixbeans Edamame & Soy that his customers have liked so much that he even sells 6,000 units a day.

Most supermarkets use common psychological tricks, like removing windows so you don’t notice the passage of time or remember that you have to go out. But there are also specific strategies. We are going to see 5 secret tricks that Mercadona and Lidl use so that you buy more.

This snack could be compared to the snacks of nuts or chips that in Spain have been consumed for years before meals. They are edamame soy beans, a type of immature soybeans, toasted and with a touch of salt, perfect to accompany with a refreshing drink this summer.

The 100 grams of the bag Mercadona offers costs 1.50 euros each unit. The supermarket chain claims that these days they manage to sell up to 40,000 bags per week and that it is easy for them to run out.

Edamame, in addition to its taste, has become fashionable for its nutritional value and is part of the healthy eating trend that prevails these days in society. It is attributed a good contribution of vegetable proteins and micronutrients such as calcium, iron, phosphorous, sodium, manganese and vitamins C, B9 or K, in addition to its high amount of fiber. However, its use is also discouraged for people with thyroid gland problems.

It is a good food to consume sporadically, being a snack with enough salt it is not recommended to be taken daily, but it is clear that these summer days and holidays have managed to conquer many.