If your computer has version 1809 of Windows 10, your system will automatically update to version 2004, which is the May 2020 update and is not stable for all computers.

Nobody likes things to be forced, but if you have this version of Windows 10, the operating system will force you to install the May update whether you like it or not.

During the last few months Microsoft is much more flexible when it comes to choosing whether or not to update our computer, being able to pause updates for a minimum of seven days or even being able to uninstall the cumulative ones that do not work quite well.

However, if your computer is still running the Windows 10 version of October 2018, v809, the Redmond ones will force you to update your computer to the Windows 10 version of May 2020 and you will not be able to do almost nothing to avoid it.

Microsoft has clarified that you are forcing computers with the October 2018 update to update to the 2004 version of the operating system. They explain that the obligation is due to the fact that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 computers with the October 2018 version, so if you continue using it you could have security problems.

Those of Redmond will rely on machine learning and its Windows update algorithm to force the update of those computers that are still with Windows 10 October 2018.

Windows 10 version 1903 will come with fewer new features than previous versions, but with the idea of ​​improving Microsoft’s operating system as much as possible.

If for some reason you do not want your computer to update to Windows 10 May 2020, what you can do is manually update your computer to version 1903 or version 1909, which are slightly newer versions of the operating system and that They still do not have the obligation to go to May 2020.

On the other hand, Microsoft has indicated that the May 2020 update is being deployed to a greater variety of computers, since it was initially blocked on certain systems due to driver incompatibility. This way, if you are one of the users who do want the May 2020 update but were previously unable to install it, chances are you already can. To do this, go to Windows 10 update, and click on the check for updates to find out if you already have it available.

[Vía: WindowsLatest]