If you have doubts, with Samsung hearing aids you will be right (and now you can save on them)

Samsung hearing aids are a safe bet – Photo: Amazon.ca

Finding good wireless headphones is not an easy task, but if you focus on a brand like SamsungYou probably already have a good part of your homework done.

The Korean firm has been delighting us with very attractive models with excellent performance to such an extent that today we wanted to review three of their most recent equipment with the idea that you get to know them better and take advantage of their good prices in Amazon Mexico. Yes, because two of them offer discounts.

If you were undecided about buying some True Wireless Or even you had already set your eye on the brand but you did not decide on one or the other model, today is your lucky day. Look, choose and premiere some now.

The first to hit the market from our chosen trio are the Galaxy Buds. From button type, with one of the best proposals that the Asian firm has made us in recent times, especially thanks to that comfortable design that fits perfectly on the ear. In addition, its surface is tactile and responds to touches.

Samsung Galaxy Buds - Photo: Amazon.caSamsung Galaxy Buds - Photo: Amazon.ca

Samsung Galaxy Buds – Photo: Amazon.ca

They have the support of AKG, responsible for shaping the sound quality and its bass, enjoy noise cancellation, ambient mode (to let the sound pass when you need it), double microphone perfect for establishing calls, and enjoy an autonomy of up to 6 hours to which you will have to add an additional 7 hours of its protective case (with support for wireless charging, by the way).

Its price has been fluctuating on Amazon for a long time and now we could say that it is not a bad time for your purchase.

If what you want is to set style (in addition to good performance, of course), then you have to opt for Buds Live.

This model quickly became famous as soon as it was announced for the shape of the headphones that remind of beans. Their design may make you think that they will be uncomfortable but nothing is further from the truth: they adapt perfectly to the ear, offering a good grip so that they do not fall.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live - Photo: Amazon.caSamsung Galaxy Buds Live - Photo: Amazon.ca

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live – Photo: Amazon.ca

They are also supported by AKG, with enhanced bass, responsive touch surface, and active noise cancellation. The case is now different (it also has wireless charging, yes), square format, and provides many more additional hours (up to 14) at 5 and a half hours of autonomy you have with these hearing aids used at full capacity.

If you want to get them for him lowest possible priceYou should opt for the mystical bronze color (you also have them in black, white and red).

If you want the latest of the latest in the catalog, then you have to bet on the Buds Pro. It is an evolution of the Buds, with a more complex internal configuration (each earphone has a 6.5mm tweeter and 11mm woofer), smart active noise cancellation (Its ambient mode to let the sound pass has up to 4 levels and detects when you speak to activate automatically) and a performance in calls that boasts of reducing background noise so that your voice arrives more clearly and louder.

The newest, the Galaxy Buds Pro - Photo: Amazon.com: industrial & scientificThe newest, the Galaxy Buds Pro - Photo: Amazon.com: industrial & scientific

The most recent, the Galaxy Buds Pro – Photo: Amazon.ca

The surface remains tactile to perform different types of actions and offers certified resistance IPX7, so they can get wet or used while doing sports without any problem.

Refering to autonomy, they give you 5 hours of playback with an additional 13 hours more in its box (which has support for wireless charging) and if you don’t use noise cancellation you get up to 28 hours in total (8 hours of playback and 20 more in the box).

Obviously the price is higher than that of its brothers but if you are looking for the most top, you will not regret having them.

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