If you have an Android, Google announces two new features for your smartphone

An element that we cannot lose sight of in Google updates is how important consumption is in the market.

Android has become the leading operating system in the smartphone market, thanks to the innovation it has achieved in it.

Google is one of the leading companies in the technology market and a unique benchmark in understanding consumption.

The smartphone market continues to establish very important benchmarks in the interaction that is achieved through these devices, especially those that operate with Android, the leading operating system among these devices.

An element that we cannot lose sight of in these efforts is the one that reveals to us how important the interaction between users of this technology has become, thereby establishing guidelines of great value, which we cannot lose sight of in this series of efforts. that we have been witnessing.

As expected, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of how important consumption has become and, more than that, to determine the guidelines that have undoubtedly been revealed in the market.

Android has news

Android has announced new features and with them references have been established that we cannot lose sight of, because without a doubt we are facing a series of changes that reveal to us how important consumption has become in the market.

Having said this, an element that we cannot lose sight of are the new features that have been presented in the market and that consist of updating services, which undoubtedly patent the dependence that consumers have on certain products.

Google has released a series of updates, through which it has patented the security of its phones, as well as the productivity that these should have and the accessibility that it seeks to boost in phones that operate with its operating system.

Among the updates that have been released is the password verification that has been used in Chrome and that now comes to Android, as a way to keep the accounts of the various applications safe.

What facilitates this service is that when you start a session in one of the smartphone applications with Google autocomplete, an alert is generated if the system considers that it is a password that has been filtered, comparing it with a known list of passwords violated.

Another feature is that Google Messages can now be programmed, with which the sending of a message is scheduled, as well as a new TalkBack, which is a development designed for people with different abilities such as blindness or limited vision.

Among other updates that have been presented is the hands-free function of the Gogole assistant, to make the device functional and thus make the most of the assistant with the screen.

A dark version of Google Maps has also been presented, which improves the location experience offered by this app.

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