If you don’t pay, Spotify won’t let you send songs to Google smart speakers

Spotify has decided to subtract a new feature from free accounts. How 9to5Google collects, from now on a premium account will be required to send songs or podcasts to any Google speaker or smart screens, something that was previously available to all users.

It is unknown when Spotify implemented this change. The company, in fact, does not even mention this limitation on the platform’s support pages.

Fortunately, there is a solution to continue enjoying content through Google smart speakers and screens. This consists of linking our Spotify account with the Google Home application. In this way, we can ask the speaker using the voice to play certain playlists or podcasts. The only thing that we will not be able to do with this alternative method is to send content from our mobile or computer to the speaker. For this, it will be essential to have a premium account.

These restrictions, yes, do not affect AirPlay compatible devices –Such as Apple’s HomePods– or products that use Spotify Connect –such as Amazon’s Echoes.

Current Spotify Premium prices


Right now, Spotify offers different types of premium accounts: Individual account, Family account, Duo account and Education account. Each of them requires some condition to hire it.

In the case of the family plan, Spotify requires that only be shared with members of the same family unit, not being able to share it with friends or family who do not live in the same residence.

User Account Price Individual One 9.99 euros Education One 4.99 euros Family Six 15.99 euros Duo Two 12.99 euros

The same goes for the Duo plan. In that case, Spotify allows the linking of two people as long as “Live under the same roof”.

Education accounts, on the other hand, offer a 50% discount. These are aimed at both teachers and students who can demonstrate that they are currently enrolled in a school year. In Spain, it is necessary to use the Unidays platform to verify it.

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