« If you do it, you end up in court »

New chapter in the war between mainstream media and streamers of the new online platforms. Ibai Llanos has shared through his Twitter account a widespread complaint among content creators, related to television rights and the impossibility for youtubers to use video clips from some television programs.

Ibai Llanos in ‘First dates’

Flaunting irony, the streamer started his complaint by stating « one of the funniest things about the whole rights issue. » « Television You can catch images of our streams as it comes out of the balls without asking anyone’s permission, but if later you put an image from live TV you end up in court« , share through a tweet.

Many YouTube users will have noticed that, when content creators insert a video broadcast by a television channel, the contents appear distorteds so that « copyright doesn’t break ». This fact is closely related to Llanos’ complaint, since the use without permission of certain images could lead to the imputation of a crime against intellectual property.

Article 270 of the Penal Code It specifies that those who « in the provision of services of the information society, with the intention of obtaining a direct economic benefit or indirectly, and to the detriment of third parties, facilitate in an active and non-neutral way and without being limited to a merely technical treatment, the access or location on the internet of works or services object of intellectual property without the authorization of the owners of the corresponding rights « .

Who owns the rights to YouTube videos?

Really, This legal text affects televisions and platforms in equal parts, but the matter can be complicated if we go to the terms and conditions of use of the video platform: « When uploading Content to the Service, you grant YouTube a worldwide, non-exclusive license […] and transferable to use said content in order to operate, promote and improve the service. « So, really, the videos on the platform belong to YouTube.

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