If you bought this Volkswagen, Profeco URGE to take it to review

Through a statement, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco) made a ‘Call for Review’ to consumers who have purchased any of the vehicles Volkswagen passat model years 2016 to 2019.

« Volkswagen de México has detected that there is a possible possibility that the levers for adjusting the front seat backs have been placed in an inverted manner, » indicates Profeco.

In this situation, it points out that the seats may not be properly embedded and in the event of an impact, the correct restraint may not be provided to the vehicle occupants.

Profeco indicated that for this reason, it should be checked whether the seats of the levers to adjust the backs of the front seats have been placed in the corresponding seat and, if applicable, the seats of both levers should be replaced.

Volkswagen de México notified this Office of the Attorney General that the total number of possibly affected units that have been marketed in Mexico is 5,483 units as detailed in the following table:

Vehicle / Model / Number of Units Passat / Year 2016/2 thousand 902 Passat cars / Year 2017 / 1,981 Passat vehicles / Year 2018/497 Passat units / Year 2019/103 cars Total: 5 thousand 483 Passat cars

The car review campaign is valid until November 19, 2021. Therefore, it is advisable to take the car for review before that period.

Profeco indicated that Volkswagen de México and its Network of Authorized Distributors will disclose the necessary information to their customers of the service campaign, which includes the steps that the consumer must follow for its execution and clarification of the corresponding doubts.

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