If you are not used to criticism, you are not good for this, says Vasco Aguirre

If you are not used to criticism, you are not good for this, says Vasco Aguirre

Karla Torrijos

La Jornada newspaper
Friday, February 19, 2021, p. a10

Javier Vasco Aguirre, coach of Monterrey, minimized the negative comments he has received recently due to the irregular performance of his team, as well as the shortage of goals in the current Guardianes 2021 tournament.

After six dates disputed in the contest and with a pending match, that of day three against the León club, which was postponed due to Covid-19 cases, Rayados occupies the sixth place in the general classification, with 10 points, a product of three wins, a draw and a loss. While his scoring quota is only four goals in favor and one against.

“In all the teams that I have been, in all the selections that I have directed, there are criticisms, it is inherent to the position, in all latitudes it is the same. Even if the team is leading or has less expectations, there is always a criticism and it has to be assumed by us in a natural way, it is typical of our work, and if you are not used to it, you are useless for this.

Another thing is that you know how to distinguish the one that is constructive and the one that has every intention of doing harm, but that is what experience gives you. Yes I am very alert, attentive to what they say, I draw my own conclusions, I evaluate, I see, and I make my decisions. I understand that it is our environment and we have to live with it, it is not typical of an aspiring team for the title, but of football itself. Whether you are fighting the descent or in the middle table, there is no truce, because there should not be, if not what would you (press) and us live on, he said yesterday in a virtual conference.

In that sense, the helmsman acknowledged that the Monterrey squad has not had good offensive power this season, since in the last three games they have only scored one goal, for which, he explained, in recent training sessions they have dedicated themselves to improve the definition.

Sharpen aim

“We know that our harvest of so many, in relation to the occasions we have had, is below; In other words, in the last two games, against Pumas and Santos Laguna, we threw more than 30 centers and reached the rival area 45 or 50 times in the two games and we only got one touchdown.

It is clear where we are failing, and this week we put greater emphasis on the definition, that they take that final pause to push the ball to the back of the nets and not rush, as well as for decision making, which is the most difficult Well, they are fractions of a second to determine whether to kick the goal or pass the ball, there is the player’s talent, and that’s what we’re doing, he mentioned.

Likewise, he was satisfied with his squad, and affirmed that those who have called attention, have paid attention and have improved, for which, he trusted that in this Friday’s game against Necaxa, corresponding to matchday 7 of Guardians 2021 tournament, it will see a better performance.

To the two, three or four that I have told them that they have not met the expectations that the institution and I have of them, they have improved. We are at a good level, you have to choose eleven and sometimes you are right, in the week places are won. We do not look at the passport and the past, but what they do here, he said.

On the other hand, Vasco revealed that Dutch striker Vincent Janssen will not be required for today’s match against Necaxa, which will take place at the Victoria Stadium, in Aguascalientes, since he still has a week to recover after have surgery on his right hand.

“He has not lost physical shape, but he has not yet compete for his recovery. We are not in a hurry, we do not play the league or Concachampions and we can do without him at the moment ”, he mentioned.