The covid-19 pandemic has achieved the isolation of entire cities around the world in order to avoid contagion by this virus that has reached every corner of the planet.

Minimum sanitary measures include maintaining a distance of one meter between pedestrians, wearing masks and gloves, and disinfecting everything when you get home.

The actor has assured that doing the minimum, sum.

After being diagnosed and isolated in Australia, Tom Hanks, the eternal Forrest now recovered, has shown his position against those people who obviate compliance with the minimum sanitary measures that allow to control in some way the spread of the virus.

« I don’t get it, I just don’t get it, it’s literally the least we can do. And if someone really intends to base their entire argument on refusing to do the least they can do, then I would not even trust them to have a driving license, « said the actor.

There is an open debate in the north of the American continent, in which many people believe that the use of the mask is a minor aspect, in this regard, Hanks has expressed:

« If you’re not able to wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your social distance, I don’t respect you, man. I don’t believe in your argument. « 

In addition to this information provided by the actor to the Associated Press, in a subsequent intervention in the « Today Show » program, he added:

“The idea of ​​simply limiting yourself to what you do should be very easy: Wear a mask, practice social distance and wash your hands. Doing just that means you are contributing to improving your home, your job, your city and society in general. « 

At the time of being positive for the covid-19 test, Tom Hanks was filming the life of Elvis Presley, a film that will no longer be released in cinemas but on digital platforms.