If you are looking for work, there is a vacancy for 15 thousand pesos a month

If you are looking for work, they have a vacancy where they pay 15 thousand pesos a month. There are many vacancies published on the Employment Portal, where job offers appear daily throughout the country. The vacancy is as Payroll Calculator, in San Martín Texmelucan, Puebla.

Registration to request it ends on December 17. The contract is for fees, working from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 19:00; the company offers legal benefits.

These are the requirements you need to win the vacancy. Photo: Pixabay

Requirements for the vacancy:

Bachelor of Public Accountant, with title. 3-4 years of experience.

Transversal competences: Communication, Leadership, Teamwork, Planning and organization, Responsibility, Decision making / evaluations.


Financial operations Accounting records Tax procedures Preparation of reports Preparation of payroll and budget Audit opinion

Observations: the vacancy is at GLOBAL DENIM, S.A. DE C.V.

If you want to apply for this job offer, click on THIS LINK. If you don’t have an account in the Employment Portal, Click here. Sometimes the page has some trouble loading the information, but this is only temporary. If this happens, keep trying.

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