If you are a fan of The Simpsons and unique shoes, you will love this exclusive model

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The Simpsons in Family: Show Presentation

The Simpsons aired a first episode in 1987, had its first series in 1989, and a year later it arrived in Spain. Quickly the original series of Matt Groening became very popular and with it came the first branded products in the series.

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Since its inception, this yellow family has had a large number of products. However, the most special and difficult to find will always be the first and most limited. Today, a Reddit user shared a new acquisition, the original Simpson family sneakers released in 1991:

My new favorite shoes, original from 1991. from r / TheSimpsons

These shoes have the original design of all the characters, we can see it in the color of Bart’s shirt, the eldest son of the family. These white sneakers, a model similar to the traditional Air Jordan, they have Bart drawn with his skateboard, and with his key phrase in the series.

Finally, we would like to recommend you a proof of the impact that The Simpsons have on society, with this recent advertising poster seen recently.

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