Pokémon has diversified the license of its characters as Pikachu in jewelry, a category that brands like Cheetos have reached.

The design of products in such diverse categories demonstrates the ability of brands to communicate through objects.

Design is a key subject in branding.

The numbers do not disappoint when it comes to Pokémon and there are all kinds of data that tell us about the impact it has

The brand has become a very important benchmark in the market, where a series of benchmarks have been established, through which increasingly valuable bets have been established.

From this perspective, an element that we cannot ignore is the one that warns us of the popularity of this game in the gaming market, where an ARM figure warns that Pokémon Go was ranked as the fifth most popular game in large markets such as the from the United States.

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Popularity turned into jewelry

Jewelery has become a common category for brands, which have migrated to it in order to carry out a series of strategies that have stood out in the market.

From the execution of a series of strategies, the elements that stand out in this market are those that warn of the opportunity that certain products that have been released in this medium have taken away.

As expected, one aspect that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of the role that brands are playing at a time when innovation has become a key element.

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Pokémon has reached this category with a collection of engagement and earnest money rings, with which it has sought to exploit the famous Pikachu character.

The collection has been launched in collaboration with Ginza Tanaka and they are gold rings with diamond solitaires that have prices starting at $ 3,000, so they are high-cost accessories for the value of the metals and stones with which are elaborate.

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One of the rings uses the famous Pikachu ears, while the other uses the famous lightning bolts and the famous pokeball has been converted into the box to store these accessories.