“If we did not return, they would take away the three points and some more”

Jose Luis Gayá spoke at the conclusion of the meeting between the Cadiz and the Valencia. Captain Ché referred to the alleged racist insults of Juan Cala to Diakhaby and explained the reasons that led the visiting players to return to the field of play: «They told us that we had to leave, that they took away the three points and some more», He assured in the microphones of Movistar Plus.

In the 30th minute of the meeting, Diakhaby faced Juan Cala after a strong discussion between the two. The central Valencia decided to leave the pitch after receiving an alleged racist insult, a decision supported by his teammates, who accompanied him and forced the stoppage of the match.

However, just ten minutes later, the Valencia players returned without a Diakhaby that was replaced: «He told us that he had been insulted. We went inside and they told us that we had to go out, that they would take away the three points and some more. Seeing the situation, Diakhaby told us to play. We went out because our partner told us», He clarified.

Likewise, Gayá spoke of Diakhaby’s state of mind after everything that happened: «He is sunk because he has said a very ugly insult. It is sunk. I have seen my partner badly and I am sure that he has said something to him, “said the captain, who said it was” the strangest game “he has played in his entire career.