The former pitcher of the Boston Red Sox, Joe Kelly, He said that if his former team had cheated during the 2018 season, in which they were World Series champions, they would have swept through the regular season and playoffs.

“If there are cheats involved with how good our team was, we should have won every single entry we played. We should not have lost an entry if there was any good cheating involved, which would have been so much more fun because we would have won [la Serie Mundial] in four games. We would have swept the playoffs and we would have come very, very fast and we could have gone to Hawaii or Mexico and gone on vacation much sooner than we did, “Kelly told WEEI Internet radio.

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However, it is not that Boston haven’t dominated in the playoffs. In the divisional series he only allowed one loss against the Yankees, while he was also only defeated once against the Astros in the championship series. American League, just like he just suffered a setback World Series against the Dodgers.

Kelly He was very active during the 2018 campaign with the redheads, with whom he played 73 games. However, he had a discreet ERA, which included 4.39 allowed earned runs.

The pitcher also said he was frustrated because there are no results from the MLB investigation of the Red Sox, which are also suspected to have had signal theft, such as what the Houston Astros did in 2017.

“Now sitting at this point without playing baseball and no results in an investigation, I just feel like I was dreaming,” he added.

The MLB It has not yet published the results of its investigations, because it has also been struggling with the consequences of the pandemic of the Covid-19.

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