If the sound of your computer does not work, it is the fault of Windows 10 | Technology

The latest update for Windows 10 makes the sound not work or does it very badly in both applications and games, and we have several solutions.

If after updating the Windows 10 operating system you have noticed that the sound does not work for you, it is lower than usual or it sounds bad, do not hit the speakers, because the main culprit is Windows 10 and, as you can imagine, after one of its latest cumulative updates.

Microsoft has recognized the sound problem in a new support document update and it affects some devices, specifically those that make use of Dolby Digital 5.1, and where it can end up producing high-pitched noises on computers running the latest versions of the system. operational.

The problems that have been reported by the community have been happening since last Tuesday’s update, in particular after downloading and installing the cumulative update KB5003173 released on May 11 for version 20H2 and 2004 version of Windows 10.

All these audio problems tend to happen randomly, and in addition to applications, games have been equally affected. curiously the sounds that are produced in the browsers have not been affected.

Among the errors reported on the sound are those with a lower volume than normal, a high-pitched noise or even that there is no sound at all. Fortunately, the possibility of recovering the mythical startup sound of the operating system is not affected.

Specifically, the affected versions of Windows 10 would be the following:

KB5000842 (Released March) KB5001330 (Released April) KB5001391 (Released April) KB5003173 (Released May)

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How to fix the sound issue for the latest Windows 10 update

The easiest thing is to go to Windows 10 updates within the operating system settings, and uninstall the latest cumulative update, locating some of the ones we have just exposed above. You could also stream the unheard video or audio to the web browser as sound has been shown to work flawlessly in browsers. You could also click with the right mouse button on the volume icon that is located in the taskbar, in the lower right part of the interface, and select another type of sound that you have available, something that differs depending on the manufacturer.

The wisest thing to do is uninstall the latest cumulative update, or deal with this sound issue until Microsoft releases a patch over the next few days.

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