Rule out Vettel being the part they need in Enstone

The Scottish ex-pilot is clear that they must sign a pilot with the passion of Fernando

Paul di Resta thinks that Fernando Alonso may be the ideal option for Renault in 2021. The Scotsman studies the different options of the French and believes that the Spanish is just the piece that Enstone’s need.

Who will be the companion of Esteban Ocon in 2021 is still unknown. Daniel Ricciardo will leave for McLaren for next year and leaves a vacancy for which the names of Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso sound. Paul di Resta doubts that the German is what Renault needs and points more towards Fernando Alonso.

The Scotsman thinks that Alonso has the reputation and passion that Renault needs right now to push the team forward, as he did in the 2005 and 2006 seasons, the years of his World Cups.

“I don’t think Sebastian Vettel is the right piece for Renault,” Di Resta said in remarks for Sky F1.

“Fernando Alonso has already been there; some people like it and others don’t, but if you need someone with a reputation and someone who gets a kick and shows a passion for driving, it could be the right piece, especially since the rules are not going to change so quickly, “he added.

British Sky journalist Ted Kravitz also agrees that Renault should sign Alonso if he is available and not miss the opportunity.

“Cyril Abiteboul is lucky with the drivers, it seems that he always gets them good! If Alonso is available, I think they should take the opportunity and not let it pass, pay him as much as they can and live with the consequences that he is not happy,” Kravitz indicated for his part.

“If Alonso is willing, the decision is not very difficult: you have to bring him to the team,” said the journalist to close.

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