Quibi is a new low-command video platform that has just landed in Spain, to its surprise and with a selection of more than interesting content, It is planted as a quite different alternative to what we are used to, as a hybrid between Netflix and YouTube, but with an additional twist.

You will see, in Quibi you will find short content, series or realities with episodes of just 10 minutes long, and that you can only watch from your mobile phone. It is entertainment designed to consume quickly and in small bites, and is extremely well achieved.

We can all use it for free for three months

Probably the best thing about Quibi is that it came straight with an extremely long free trial period compared to other offers, we have 90 days to enjoy the service without paying a penny, and in return we have access to a lot of good quality content.

To use Quibi we must download the app for iOS or Android and create an account in a few seconds. They will only ask us for email, date of birth, gender, and a payment method for the automatic collection of 8.99 euros a month that would normally cost. You can cancel at any time.

Quibi subscription will cost 8.99 euros per month, but you can use it for free for 90 days

Even though there is no app made especially for iPadWe can use the iPhone version on the tablet if we want to see the shows on a slightly larger horizontal screen. The content adapts very well in any orientation, and that is a great achievement of this app.

Short but substantial content

Now, although Quibi is a content app for mobile, It has nothing to do with social networks like TikTok or Instagram, because here the content is created solely by and for the platform.

Although its main attraction is the original series or “chapter movies” as various productions have called it, they also have news and other variety programs of channels that we are used to seeing on platforms like YouTube, and that bring more variety to the platform.

Quibi has miniseries, documentaries, reality shows and “chapter movies”

Quibi promises to release new shows every week, but they already have series, documentaries and reality shows starring famous figures such as Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Bell, Chrissy Tiegien, Liam Hemsworth, Tituss Burgess, Will Forte, Eva Longoria, Andy Garcia, LeBron James, Sasha Velor, and many more who appear as guests.

The level of the productions shows quite high just by watching a few series, everything is designed to consume quickly, and you get hooked quickly with content that condenses very well what you want to transmit and that It is ideal for when we do not want to commit to eternal series marathons or two-hour movies.

Vertical and horizontal, everything looks good either way

Another great Quibi achievement is something they’ve been playing with on YouTube for some time but hasn’t really gone anywhere in recent years: vertical content. Quibi adapts it in a surprisingly good way, but without taking away the option of seeing horizontally at the same time.

It was one of the biggest surprises when testing the platform, how good the programs look whatever screen orientation you choose. The quality of the video is not from another world but it still looks great. Also considering that you can only see it on the mobile (my screen is not the best), and the current situation with the saturation of networks, we are not going to ask too much.

All content is in English with Spanish subtitles

In Spain, perhaps a few will resent that all content is in English, as is the application’s interface, however, the series have subtitles in Spanish that also adapt perfectly to the screen whether it is vertical or horizontal.

You can download content to watch offline and they hardly take up storage space

The application is simple and easy to use, the content is in front. In the beginning you will see the selection of the day for you in the form of sliding cards, and there trailers are played automatically.

In the next section we have options to navigate through various categories, and in the next we see the shows that we follow. You can follow all you want and also you can download content to watch offline which goes to its own download section.

Quibi, Genbeta’s opinion

‘Survive’ – Photo by Quibi

When I first read about this application I honestly did not think I would find much, I have never been a fan of watching content on mobile, I prefer my big TV and I prefer the type of content that is made for my big TV.

The point is that Quibi is quite unique in that regard, and that is that the content has the quality and the level of much done for that large TV, but condensed to see on the mobile in 10 minutes. without my hand getting tired of holding the device in the same position.

I also didn’t expect the content to be a big deal, but I was pleasantly surprisedAfter eating an episode from four different shows in which he travels to the bathroom to meditate, I ended up hooked with a couple of completely ridiculous but hilarious realities (‘Dishmantled’ and ‘Chrissy’s Court’), the drama ‘Survive’ with Sansa Jonas, and this rich celebrity show giving away money.

My only complaints have to do with the decision to launch an app to the Spanish market without even translating the interface, this will upset many people and throw others back. And personally I would like to at least be able to send the content to the Chromecast, although this app is not intended for that, I still prefer large screens and I would like to see this interesting content on a site other than mobile.

You do not have to take my word for it, you can try yourselves with that extremely long trial period, which will also serve to check that promise of new shows every week, from this are 11 weeks free to witness if the platform complies.

This is especially important since for now the catalog is not very big to say, and in the future when it is time to pay the 8.99 euros per month, it would be looking little competitive and expensive compared to options that offer more for less.