Àlex Casademunt denounced at the end of July, among many other things, having received very little money from ‘Operación Triunfo’ and declared, among other things: « We do not feel well paid ». He also charged Alejandro Abad, defining him as « an opportunist who fell this milestone from the sky. » Now he is the composer who, by allusions, has wanted to publicly respond to the triumph.

Alejandro Abad

After hearing these « unfortunates », he wanted to answer « and I do it to teach you, in no case to attack you, » says Abad. The composer begins his speech by reminding Casademunt that « ‘OT’ gave you much more than you could have ever imagined. You don’t spit on the hand that fed you so generously« I asked him to then explain that » there are many young people who have the same or more talent than you who will never have even 10% of the opportunities you have missed. « 

When he is branded an « opportunist », Abad defends himself that he would be if the first version of « My music is your voice » had remained, but « the same producer of ‘OT’ asked me to intervene as a professional to transform an ordinary song extraordinary, « says the composer, claiming that this is his job. « When you say I was an opportunist, maybe you’re right. It is what we seek, opportunities. Is Messi an opportunist when he smells a goal and scores it? No, it is not, because behind that goal there is a lot of work and talent, « he says convinced in the video.

Did you get rich at the cost of David Civera?

Casademunt also commented in his interview that « Alejandro Abad the first thing he ever did was take poor David Civera and make him a 50 percent armored contract that made Alejandro a millionaire. » Abbot, surprised, has made him see that at that time « I had already composed about 700 songs, several of them hits by many artists », in addition to having won the OTI Festival and several more. In addition, he assures that the figures are false and that he makes a mistake when spreading a fact that is a lie.

To conclude the video, Alejando Abad wanted to dedicate one last and forceful words to the former contestant on ‘OT 1’: « Unfortunately there is much bitter and frustrated trying to do harm those of us who have worked hard to achieve goals. My advice is to focus at once on the singer you want to be and leave the comedian behind. If instead of disrespecting me and making fun of me, you had asked me for a song, perhaps your life would be different now.