“If I’m so anti-Lampard, why did I play the last few games?”

Sergio Escario Barcelona Editor

Of the first 17 matches of Premier
League this season, Antonio
Rudiger only participated in two of them – a victory against the Newcastle (0-2) and a draw against him Aston
town (1-1) -. Since then, the German central Chelsea He has played absolutely everything, playing the 90 minutes in the last seven days.

Two of them under the command of Frank
Lampard and the remaining five with Thomas
Tuchel, new technician ‘blue’. That is why, in statements to ‘SportBILD’, Rudiger He has defended himself from those who call him anti-Lampard: “If I am so anti-Lampard, why did I play the last games he managed? It does not make any sense. Frank -Lampard- is highly respected in the club and by the fans. The perception that he was against the coach comes from the beginning of the season, when he was not in the team, ”said the 37-time German international.

5 goals to 0 in 7 starts

Since Rudiger has been made with the ownership, the Chelsea He has won five of the last seven rounds, in which he only managed a narrow loss against the Leicester
City (2-0). In addition, in five of them the London team managed to leave a clean sheet.