“If I said what I know about some youtubers …”

Great commotion has caused the news that Rubius, one of the most popular and successful youtubers on the Spanish scene, has emigrated to Andorra to exercise his professional work. However, there are several youtubers who have chosen this option, including Vegetta777, settled in Andorra, who has not hesitated to show his total support for his partner.

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“If I said what I know about some ‘youtubers’, they would stop going as messiahs,” he said. Vegetta777. The ‘youtuber’ and gamer also resides in Andorra, where taxes are much lower than in Spain. In fact, he moved to Andorra in 2016 at the same time as Willyrex.

After El Rubius, the youtuber with the most subscribers in Spain, announced that he was going to move to Andorra to be “close to his friends” and change of scene, many are the content creators who have spoken, both in favor and against.

“I have spent the ten years of my career as a youtuber paying here,” said Rubius in a direct from Twitch. “I would have been gone many years ago. Literally all my friends are there. I know that there will be people who criticize me, but I am not worried, they speak without knowing ”.

[+] This is how ‘El Rubius’ announced his intentions on the live show:


The low taxes for high incomes that Andorra has compared to Spain seem to be the reason for this ‘flight’ of youtubers, and other personalities such as models or athletes.

“It is no longer just that he sees unfair what is said about Rubén (Rubius), but also about the rest of the people who have been here for years. I wish the best for everyone and, above all other people, my happiness and that of what I consider to be my family. If you like it, fine … if not, I haven’t asked you either, ”concluded Vegetta777.

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