Tuesday May 26, 2020

The prominent former Chilean winger referred to the influence of Marcelo Bielsa in the middle of the conversation in #ElShowDePrensafutbol. Among his sayings, Rodrigo Tello indicated that the trasandino is “a visionary” and revealed details of his project in the national team.

In addition to boasting about his close relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo, Rodrigo Tello recalled the work of Marcelo Bielsa during his years in command of the national team. Conversation with #ElShowDePrensafutbol, ​​where the one formed in the ‘U’ revealed several anecdotes of the work of ‘Loco’ in the ‘Roja’.

“Before the games with Bielsa we all had pain because of the demands of the training sessions, but when we warmed up we forgot everything,” Tello said of the demand that the trasandino imposed on the national team. “That Bielsa Chile was flying,” he added.

“He was a visionary, if he had had it before maybe it would have been better”, admitted the retired player on the influence of the current Leeds United strategist on his career. “We told Professor Bonini that we were tired, but Bielsa already had everything ready to go back to training,” he said again about the concentrations in Pinto Durán.

“Going to a World Cup at age 30 was difficult. But Bielsa took the juice from me, squeezed the knobs and I did much better, “he said of his 2010 South Africa World Cup nomination, adding that” I had to do a workout to level myself out and endure Marcelo Bielsa’s workouts. It served me much later in the Besiktas because when I arrived in Turkey it was a bullet, it flew. That thanks to Bielsa ».

On that same date, after being eliminated in the round of 16, Tello recalled this anecdote: “We had lost against Brazil in the World Cup and we were at the airport. Suddenly the propper told me that they called me outside with Pablo Contreras and it was Cristiano Ronaldo who greeted us because we were his companions ».