For the philosopher Enrique Dussel, the Covid-19 pandemic is about an attack or an appeal by nature to the human being as such.

The coronavirus pandemic that is being experienced throughout the planet Earth is very important, since It is the first time in the history of the world that all of humanity has felt concerned at the same time, said Enrique Dussel, professor emeritus at UAM and a member of the National System of Researchers in Mexico.

“3.5 billion years ago, life on Earth arose and it is the first time that a being product of the Earth in evolution as a human being, with consciousness and self-consciousness of being alive … Never humanity for 200 thousand years that homo sapiens exists, I have never experienced such an event ”, he said in an interview for Aristegui en Vivo.

“It is nothing less than something so I could call a attack or an interpellation of nature to the human being as such, but above all to the human being who invented what we call the world and modernity for 500 years, “he added.

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He explained that modernity is a stage in history in which enormous scientific and technological discoveries can be seen; creation of great civilizing instruments until reaching the electronic age.

“The modernity that is inaugurated with the discovery of America … The human being is situated as the center, nature as a quantifiable and exploitable object … What we call the progress of humanity, science, technology and together with it an economic system is produced which we call capitalism, which is thinking about what to do in the face of this crisis. He does not know how to act because it is the first time that he has acted in this level of crisis”, Exposed.

Dussel said that although modernity has great positive inventions such as arrival at the Moon or the study of microscopes or the discovery of entities as small as cells, it also has its negative side.

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What happens is that this modernity discovered many things and intervened in nature… All modernity from Bacon to Einstein see the positive but the negative was never considered in the package of the invention … The negative aspect is the one that suddenly emerges today and confronts the human being and confronts modernity and there the virus issue begins “He pointed out.

“This virus is also somehow, indirectly, a laboratory effect, of modernity. Every time we increase antibiotics, drugs, and then the diseases are transmuted, they change, they are more resistant and suddenly now one of them attacks us and we have no defense, “he added.

For this reason, he believed that the Covid-19 questions 500 years of modern progress by showing that “either humanity changes its objectives or it is going to commit suicide”.

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“It is an extraordinary experience of humanity. It is the first time in history that we are experiencing it and that is why we do not know what will happen next, because, as it has never happened at this magnitude, we do not know how the economy will subsequently be undertaken, ”he said.

The also member of the National System of Researchers in Mexico pointed out that the Earth has no capacity to recycle the negative effects of the irrationality of modernity and therefore, humanity has two scenarios.

“If we continue with competitive individualism, where victory means the wealth of some and the immense poverty of others … That is one of the possibilities, humanity commits suicide. The other, completely opposite, that let’s start taking life as a criterion of development, economy and humanismAnd then we have to change all the instruments of civilization, “he stressed.

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“We have to change things, we cannot continue the same. The International Monetary Fund will try to solve with the same system, the only thing it will do is increase the contradiction and we will have much greater crises in the future. This opportunity must be taken very seriously, ”he said.

“It is striking, the Chinese being a practically Stalinist regime, do not have competitive individualism as a fundamental principle and, therefore, it has been able to quickly solve”, he concluded.