if he still had them, today he could buy all this

There are dantesque stories in the world of technology, but without a doubt one of the most interesting is that of Laszlo hanyecz. Who is it? He is the first person who has made a purchase of a physical product with Bitcoin of which there is a record. The purchase was made on May 22, 2010 (here the video of the moment). And what did you buy? Two pizzas from Domino’s. How much? For 10,000 Bitcoin, which at that time was equivalent to about $ 30. Here is the transaction.

At the time these lines are written, those 10,000 Bitcoin are valued at $ 502,296,585. A lot of money. So we have asked ourselves the following: if good old Hanyecz had been a HODLER and still had those 10,000 Bitcoin on hand, what could he buy? Well, the following (and surely you would have pasta left over for pizza for more than a day).

Things you could buy with 10,000 Bitcoin today

Imagine that you had 500,000,000 dollars in cash in your pocket (or in your account, better, because such an amount of money has to weigh a lot). Now imagine that you want to melt them in one sitting. No matter what it is, you want to spend that amount of money on things that you may not be able to enjoy in life but hey, they are yours. What could you buy? Here you have a battery of ideas.

If you had been quick, the aircraft carrier NAe São Paulo, the largest in the Brazilian Navy, which sold for about $ 1,850,000 in March 2021. A squad of six Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter jets at $ 77.9 million each
62,578,222,778 ‘Fortnite’ V-Bucks, at 7.99 euros per thousand. You could have all the skins in the game.
90 chalets of five million each around the world. You would have 50 million left over to enjoy it for the rest of my life. You could put them up for rent, beat yourself up and leave your children an insurmountable heritage. A good handful of desert islands for you forever. There is one in Phuket (Thailand) and it is worth only $ 131,346,544. It has fresh water, an electric generator, a mobile signal and about 0.44 square kilometers. To travel there you would need a motorboat, sure, but you have 500 million simoleons, so why not buy yourself six Boeing 737s at 83 million euros each? Then you will see how you land them. Okay, no, you want to go by boat. Well buy Jeff Bezos yacht, which costs $ 500,000,000 and is larger than a football field. So that you don’t get bored, you can buy the washington post, which cost Bezos $ 250 million. For lunch, one euro burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner during 456 years.
963,428,263.13 Dogecoin (Its current price is $ 0.51898). You could also finance some 10 launches of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 (62 million per launch). What’s up, better, could you travel ten times to the moon with SpaceX like a tourist. Each ticket is worth about $ 55 million.
Bugatti La Voiture Noire 1800x728Bugatti La Voiture Noire 1800x728 Bugatti La Voiture Noire. You could buy yourself 45 Bugatti La Voiture Noire, the most expensive car in the world. Each one is worth 11,000,000 euros before taxes. We will have to put gas in that car, right? With 500 million you can buy some 374,251,497 liters of Lead Free 95 at 1,336 euros per liter. Two “The Hope Diamond“the most expensive jewel in the world valued at 250 million dollars. If you get bored, you could hire Rick Harrison, from ‘Pawn Store’ to send you 4.8 years of video talking to you. This charges 81.18 euros in Cameo for a video of more or less 25 seconds. Another option is to buy from you one million PlayStation 5.
Or if you are a PC gamer, 322,788 NVIDIA RTX 3090 GPUs. The domain, which was bought by RH Donnelly in 2007 for $ 365 million. You could also build a fabulous website with whatever you have left. What’s more, could you buy Job and Talent company, which after its last round of financing is valued at about 500,000,000 (euros, yes).
‘Salvator Mundi’. And in the corridor of the offices you put the ‘Salvator mundi‘, attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci and the most expensive painting ever sold: $ 450,300,000. To show off your style, nothing like Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch, which costs only 40 million euros. To season your meals, 100,000 kilos of Spanish saffron. And if you want to invest in pizza, well 22 million Carbona pizzas from Domino’s. This article is part of a weekly section by Jose García dedicated to approaching technology from a more relaxed, personal and informal point of view that we publish in Xataka every Saturday.

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