“If Almudena Grandes writes it is a feminine novel and if Javier Marías writes it is it masculine?”

The presenter of ‘Antena 3 Noticias’, Mónica Carrillo, at the IV Ibero-American Congress held in Madrid (2021). (Photo: Europa Press via .)

Monica Carrillo cannot be more active in social networks, however she is one of those who “bites her tongue” if she is not “interested in entering the debate.” Especially with the haters, who he ignores. “Why am I going to sit down and talk to you if you are disrespecting me,” he explains in an interview for Jot Down magazine. That is why he opts for “silence and goodbye.”

In addition, he believes that “those people who from anonymity and the sofa at home are saying horrible things to you, on the street they would not dare.” Among the few controversies in which she has been involved in Twitter, the one of a message written by the presenter of Antena 3 Noticias a year ago that said: “Feminism defends equality. No person should feel uncomfortable calling themselves a feminist. To defend the opposite is legal, but it has a name: machismo ”.

A message that was followed by lots of responses and preceded three years before by a “macho” column by Ramón Palomar in Las Provincias in which the journalist was talked about (the other of the controversies in which her name has been involved) . “There were no insults. He was more hick than macho, in that he was super macho, ”he says.

“Beauty cannot be a toll on television”

Mónica Carrillo feels machismo at work, when television presenters are told that they occupy that position because they are “young”, when in fact they are over forty years old, she explains. Something that did not happen to professionals like “Matías Prats or Lorenzo Milá” at the time: “Beauty cannot be a toll on television either.”

“The writer’s card, where do you get it?”

Regarding “TV writers”, Mónica Carrillo makes it clear: “When they have ever asked me ‘what do you think of when they tell you that you are a presenter who has become a writer?’. Well, yes, that’s what it is, I am a journalist who writes. But if you tell me in a pejorative tone, I’ll tell you ‘the writer’s license, where do they give it to you?’

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“I do not accept labels”

In fact, when he began to publish, most of his readers were girls – then he expanded to boys – and “it was supposed to be a type of novel for them” because “we love to label”, that is why they classified his books as novels. female. “That doesn’t seem like it to me because, if Almudena Grandes writes it is a feminine novel and if Javier Marías writes it masculine, or what?”.

Labels that Mónica Carrillo “does not accept” because “she does not like them”. What really matters to him is that at book signings he sees “a lot of young people” and parents who thank him for introducing their children to reading. “A miracle”, sentence.

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