IECM approves amounts that parties will allocate to female leaderships

Armando Martinez

Mexico City / 11.30.2020 15:29:28

The Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM), through its general council, approved an agreement that determines the minimum liquid amounts that political parties must allocate to specific activities related to female and youth leaderships and research studies on issues in Mexico City. , during the year 2020.

The foregoing due to the registration of new national political parties derived from Resolutions INE / CG509 / 2020 and INE / CG510 / 2020 issued by the General Council of the National Electoral Institute.

In a virtual public session, the capital’s body assured that based on the aforementioned agreement, the amount that each of the political parties must allocate to the strengthening of female leaderships is the equivalent to 5 percent of its public financing for the maintenance of permanent ordinary activities 2020; while the strengthening of youth leadership should allocate the 3 percent, and research studies on issues of Mexico City the 2 percent.

It should be noted that, in the session, the amendments to the Regulation of Sessions of the General Council and Commissions of the Electoral Institute of Mexico City were approved, for the incorporation of the use of technological tools and the holding of virtual and mixed sessions.