Ideas for social media videos that your brand can use

Taking videos to social networks is an effective way to ensure good results on these channels, after all, according to figures reported by Wordstream indicate that videos there generate 12 times more shares than text and image publications combined. However, when it comes to thinking about what video content to post, that’s where many brands fall short on ideas. That is why below we will see some options that can be taken so that the contents are more varied and attractive for the audiences.

As shared by Social Media Today, here are some video ideas for social media that can help businesses make their corporate communication more modern:

Conduct “what do you prefer?” Interviews

As a starting point, this first video recommendation is considered good because interviews in the format allow to show the human side of the corporate culture, giving employees a platform to express themselves.

The idea is to simply record employees as they answer a series of “what do you prefer” questions to learn more about their preferences. Questions about pop culture can be a great way to go to make this dynamic more entertaining and engaging, for example, you can ask someone if they prefer Netflix or Disney Plus.

Also keep things spontaneous and don’t reveal your questions until the interview. Authenticity is key.

Make product promos

If a new product or feature is on the way for the current one. It is advisable to use videos to develop expectations in people. For this you can mix screen recordings, packages and a catchy soundtrack.

For example, you can transform a classic product promo into a bolder version by creating a series of fun videos about “how not to use the product.” Consider that social media audiences love humor and videos that go beyond the ordinary, these can do a better job of promoting products than traditional methods.

Consider trending news

Whether it’s the brand’s or company’s own breaking news, or the reaction to a significant cultural moment, video is a perfect format for sharing perspective on the action.

According to the source, using a news format allows for quick reuse of videos, images and sound clips, and this will always result in a “fresh” video content nerve for when the firm is running out of content ideas.

Go behind the scenes

The community of the brand or company can also be given a little glimpse of what it really is like on the inside.

For this idea, an employee can be asked to record in selfie mode to portray a day in his life inside the office, which will be the video to be published on the account. This can be a series that is repeated with various employees in the organization.

On the other hand, you can also give fans a glimpse of the “secrets” behind their favorite brand products. In this case you could work by showing videos of “how to do it”.

Generate teasers for podcasts

If your brand or company has a podcast, one of the most popular formats today, promoting it through video is another excellent idea to follow. This can give you an edge and reach a broader set of listeners for your content.

To generate this idea, a sound wave with an image can be inserted so that the audience can see that audio content is being promoted. Then you can choose a powerful excerpt from the podcast, a funny or surprising moment, that encourages the audience to click to hear the rest.


Instead of sending followers to a FAQ or FAQ page that is hosted on the website or other space, a video post of these questions and answers can be created to be posted on social media. According to the source, these videos can be a practical option for internal communications teams to communicate with employees about new remote work policies.

You can also create a series of videos based on particular topics, selecting key questions from each category. As an additional suggestion, a team member can be recorded answering each question to give a personal one.


When you don’t have time to create something from scratch, the “top” format can be a great option to quickly trigger content curation. Bite-sized content is trending for a reason. Social media audiences love entertaining short-form videos and are always on the lookout for more such pieces.

To develop the idea you can choose a category, for example, “5 favorite vacation destinations of the employees”, or “5 reasons to work in the company”. Then you can add photos, clips, some teto and the video will be ready to be published in a matter of minutes.

Fan contributions

If your content scheduling is lagging, it is advisable to allow your loyal fan base to join the videos on social media. You can repurpose your content, such as a product review or testimonial, and create a video of this.

For the development of this alternative, you can start with a dynamic to get content generated by users. Check for videos published organically by fans, or try to reach out to influencers.

The idea is to give fans a moment in the spotlight, tagging them, so they can share their experience and more people are motivated to join.

Summaries of results

Finally, whether it’s results from a recent survey, a high-profile project, or the number of attendees at a virtual event, results videos are simple but effective.

For them consider using photos or video clips and construct a story with remarkable details about the event or project. Then finished with key lessons and concrete statistics. However, don’t forget to include a call to action so your audience can find and see more.