On the Internet today, it should be difficult to get bored. But many times it happens. Or if not, let them tell our self about confinement when after hours and hours with the mobile or the computer you didn’t know what else to do to pass the time.

If you continue at that point, you may be interested in Time To Lost, a website where we can find songs to listen to, games to play, videos to watch, jokes, movies, software, thoughts, books to read, websites to visit, fact to read, etc. When more than getting bored you don’t know what to do, go to the web and let yourself go.

A useful website whose theme you can customize


Time To Lost has, by default, a somewhat unpleasant green theme that we can change by clicking on the ‘buttonTheme‘, which like the rest of the sections, we can press unlimitedly to see with what colors it surprises us.

As for the rest of the sections, let’s see some examples what the web has suggested:

songs: ‘Jeff Basta & Caitlin Gilroy – Broken Heart’, ZAYN – Let Me, ‘KILLSHOT – Eminem’.
Games: ‘Helldorado’, ‘Crying Is Not Enough’, ‘Dark Places’.
software: Audacity, Seer Pro, Code Writer.
Thoughts: “A hill is just another chance to outrun your competition”, “Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom.” “Work while they sleep. Learn while they party. Save while they spend. Live as they dream.”
Web: StillTasty, Cybrary, Internet Live Stats.

The best websites against boredom to spend the days of confinement and escape from social networks

All these examples are given by the web after clicking on the ‘buttonsGet it‘. Except in the case of thoughts or facts, the web will take us to others, and if we want to go back to the home we will have to go back, because it does not open in a new tab.

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