Ideal profiles and citizens to local councils, MXH’s objective

Teodoro Santos

Pachuca / 13.01.2021 17:23:42

Maintaining the registry and accessing at least one local council in the next Legislature will be the challenge that the local political party must assume and overcome. More for Hidalgo (MXH), assured its president, Carlos Eustolio Vázquez Reséndiz, so it will be a priority to have the ideal profiles to contend for the 18 seats.

This because of having few resources, recognized the leader of the local force, they will not carry out pre-campaign processesTherefore, the designation of the candidates who will seek the position within the Local Congress will be of the utmost importance, since they must have preparation, closeness to citizens, as well as a spirit of social work, since they will not allow any person accedes to this position only to make a fool of himself or not to present any type of work in favor of Hidalgo.

“Mainly, the initial and main objective is that the candidates emanate from the citizenship, that the inhabitants see themselves represented by these people, but we are not going to wait for them to arrive at the Local Congress and do a bad job or do the ridiculous, as has happened with some Legislatures and some deputies who remain in the seat, the intention is that the people who can champion the project of More for Hidalgo are citizens and that they have minimal preparation and that they do not make a fool of themselves, because the idea is not only to win by winning ”, he asserted.

Vázquez Reséndiz added that these candidacies must be issued by consensus of the entire structure and militancy, since by not having the necessary resources to carry out pre-campaigns they must have the endorsement of all their members, since with this they will have the best results in the next June 6th election.

« Our budget is very low, we have worked with the prerogative we have, we try to make the most of the resource, because there is not much money and competing with other parties is not easy, so we are not going to run a pre-campaign, we will look for unity candidates according what we have worked on in previous years ”, he concluded.