Nail colors for brunettes ideal for this summer 2020 | Pexels

Ideal nail colors for brunettes for this summer 2020. The colors and the seasonal clothing, the quarantines begin to lift and we are ready to look radiant when returning to the new normal, so we leave you some colors that you should use to complement your outfit.


If you like sober colors to give your style a sophisticated look, we recommend beige nails and nude tonesThey are ideal for your hands to have a lot of style and for brown skin, especially if the tones are pearly, this color will make your hands stand out and look super chic.


Turquoise is ideal for brunettes and tanned skinYou can use it in designs or on the entire nail, they are ideal for this season and can be used in different shades from more pastel colors to slightly brighter tones.


Mustard is a color that we will see a lot this season and that is ideal for brunettes since it gives a glamorous hue and gold to the skin, which makes it combine with these leathers, you can also combine it with accessories of the same hue and that contrast with the colors of your outfits so that your hands stand out.


White is the ideal shade for brunettes par excellence, since the contrast with the skin tone makes it a super chic accessory that highlights style and elegance to whoever wears it, it is ideal for summer and goes super well for manicures or pedicures, its impact is such that you do not need other accessories in your hands.


Purple nails also especially in light shades are also a great success, in addition to giving you an air of tenderness, we recommend the light shades of violet Since darker hues can make your hands look a little aged, go for the light and pastel colors, they will look great.

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