iCarly: Those involved react to racist comments about Laci Mosley’s casting – Tomatazos

Unfortunately we live in a world where people react negatively to a person of color playing a previously white character. People do not understand that they are basically telling a person that they cannot do a certain activity because of their skin color. This is racism. Those who complain about this type of casting most likely would not like to be denied a job for an analogous reason.

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We owe the latest scandal of this kind to icarly. The classic Nickelodeon show is going to get a second wind on Paramount +. For the same reason, a few days ago Miranda Cosgrove shared a photo on Instagram where we can see the main cast. More than one of them was struck by the fact that what seems to be the new best friend of the protagonist is an Afro-descendant woman played by Laci mosley.

Fans of the show bitterly complained about what they perceived as Jennette McCurdy being replaced by a black actress. This doesn’t make sense because McCurdy He retired from acting and further revealed that he is ashamed to have been on iCarly. There wasn’t any kind of chance that he was going to go back to that show. Sadly fans perceived it as being a replacement due to inclusion issues. What we know is that Mosley went to an audition and got a role. We have no way of proving that it was because of forced inclusion as people want to believe. The point is, many of those comments were racist, including the N word.

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Paramount was not going to be silent before this and made a statement that was shared on Instagram by herself Miranda Cosgrove:

We at iCarly are proud to be racially diverse, not just on our team, but on our cast. We have recently seen reports of racism towards a member of the iCarly cast and it is not unacceptable. Please think about their words and take some time to understand how what they say can affect other people.

The writers also made a joint statement:

We are excited by the anticipation that is seen in the reaction to the new chapter of iCarly that will be released on June 17. Recently, however, some people decided to express themselves in a racist way and, in some cases, to harass our beloved members of our cast. We certainly denounce in the strongest terms all racist attacks, anti-black language and hate speech. iCarly is a lighthearted and inclusive show made to promote kindness (and the occasional joke). White supremacist ideologies and harassment have no place in our series or the speeches around it. If that’s your preferred mode of communication, we suggest that you look at something else.

The actress herself was not silent. He was making several comments on social media that culminated in the following statement he posted on Twitter and Instagram:

I love being black. I hate how people of African descent are treated on this planet. Take the role in iCarly because the room is diverse (Franchesca Ramsey you are a dream). Our showrunner Ali Schouten is incredibly kind and caring and the cast is talented and they are some of the best people I have ever met. I was amazed when the celebration of all our hard work was overshadowed by the most racism I have ever experienced in the span of 72 hours. I feel ridiculous to be so upset because I’ve been in this little brown body my whole life and racism isn’t new, but it still hurts. I’m not “going to replace Sam.” I have never met her, but I know that she is extremely talented and I hope she does not approve of this behavior. Racism kills. I can’t beg you to love me or yourself enough to be good to people, but I can block it and protect my peace. Thanks to my friends and family who have approached me to see how I am doing. I really appreciate you all. Black is beautiful and no amount of racial slurs and hostility that you throw on the internet is going to change that.

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