Ibrahimovic targeted by racist remarks

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was insulted by a spectator during the meeting between Red Star Belgrade and AC Milan, which however took place behind closed doors.

Stupidity can therefore strike, even during a meeting behind closed doors. The proof with the meeting between the Red Star of Belgrade and theAC Milan, in the Europa League, where Zlatan Ibrahimovic was attacked by one of the few spectators in the Marakana stadium.

In a video that started circulating on Friday, the Swede can be seen being insulted several times by a man, who calls him “Stinky Balija.” Balija is a derogatory nickname given by Serbian nationalists to Bosnian Muslims, Ibrahimovic being of Bosnian descent by his father.

The Red Star denounced these actions, and apologized to the Swedish giant. The match ended with a result of 2-2. Ibrahimovic, preserved for Sunday’s derby against Inter Milan, remained on the bench throughout the meeting.

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