The Swedish striker for Milan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, risks a fine in his country of origin for driving his exclusive Ferrari last weekend, decommissioned for weeks.


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As revealed by the newspaper “Aftonbladet”, which has had access to the register of the Swedish General Directorate of Transport, the car was decommissioned on March 30, so “Ibra” broke the law by driving last Saturday through central Stockholm, a walk that was documented in images by several pedestrians.

“Yes, the car was decommissioned from that day, so it is not possible to drive (unless it is to take it to the workshop),” a spokesman for that body confirmed to the newspaper. This offense is punished in Sweden with fines of up to 2,000 crowns (188 euros).

The car owned by the Swedish star is a Ferrari Monza SP2, a model of which there are only about 500 copies and valued at just under 3 million euros.

“Ibra” moved to Sweden in March due to the break in competition due to the COVID-19 pandemic and during that time has been training with Hammarby, a club in the Swedish First Division of which it is a shareholder.

The veteran attacker, 38, contract in Milan ends in June, where he returned in January from the Los Angeles Galaxy, but has not revealed his future plans, although Italian media have speculated on a possible withdrawal.

Ibrahimovic has been back in Italy for a few days to train with his team, while in Sweden there is talk of a possible return to the league in his country.