The IBMN company has just announced a plan to connect as many computers as possible in a network that generates such processing power to help scientists develop virtual experiments and thus find chemical compounds that can be effective against the coronavirus COVID-19 .

The initiative is called World Community Grid and consists of downloading a free application on the PC and activating it. The program will work in the background and even when the computer is idle, without slowing down the users’ systems. The object is for your computer to provide scientists with processing power to run their simulations.

The application distributes computational assignments and returns complete calculations to researchers, all through the IBM cloud. It’s kind of like what cryptocurrency miners do.

“To do this, the volunteers’ devices will perform small virtual experiments to identify chemical compounds, including those of existing drugs that could potentially be used as possible treatments for COVID-19. Compounds that show promise for COVID-19 treatment will undergo further testing and analysis, ”IBM reported.

This project will begin in the coming days, but those interested can already register now to get ready. The more volunteers, the more computer simulations performed and this will result in more analyzes of chemical compounds in less time, for possible treatments for COVID-19.

The project, designed and led by Scripps Research, will be hosted by IBM’s World Community Grid, a trusted crowdsourcing computing resource provided at no charge to scientists.

“Volunteers do not need to have any special technical experience to participate, the process is automatic. Personal information is never shared and the software cannot access personal or business files. ”
If you are interested in participating, you can click here to register.