Ibex 35 values ​​that climb more than 20%

From Banco Santander to Fluidra: Ibex 35 values ​​that climb more than 20%

The Ibex 35 is trading with the focus on 9,000 points and, although we must be cautious with the objectives, the Spanish selective “has potential possibly towards the area of ​​9,400,” says analyst Antonio Espín.

According to the behavior of the IBEX 35, among the major stocks that comprise it, in order of annual revaluation, Banco Sabadell, Banco Santander, Meliá Hotels and Fluidra stand out. Its unquestionably upward trend in the long term suggests that, after more than a year of pandemic, the signs of recovery and economic reactivation, of a progressive return to normality, are finally beginning to show in prices.

These stocks, due to their upward trend, can be interesting for investors from a technical point of view. However, you have to be cautious, since there are opportunities every day but only one capital.

All these companies get more than 7 points out of 10 possible, according to the technical indicators of Investment Strategies.

Banco Sabadell, which has appreciated by more than 60% in the year, reaffirms the trend of last week. It breaks the resistance zone at 49 cents and shoots up, confirming a change in the main trend. Antonio Espín wonders what is the reason for the increases and that is that “it must be taken into account that when it fell due to its exposure to SMEs, no one was betting on it. The truth is that now it is rebounding and the problem of SMEs has not been fixed Quite the opposite … But nevertheless there is buying pressure. It gives the impression that the value has a long way to go “.

Banco Sabadell, according to the weekly technical report by José Antonio González, Investment Strategies analyst, launches an attractive bullish attack on the resistance of 0.5020 euros per share, backed by spikes in trading activity and activation of buy signals in oscillators, whose readings are far from overbought zones, which allows you to think about attacking the decreasing background guideline.

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It is worth mentioning the fact that the bank’s management leadership has recently been renewed with the entry of César González-Bueno as the new CEO and Leopoldo Alvear, former Bankia, as CFO. In addition, Banco Sabadell did everything possible to continue operating independently and not sell itself at any price to BBVA since “it tightened the exchange equation a lot and Sabadell shareholders have preferred to risk rather than give themselves away”, highlights José Lizán, from Solventis . And, according to the charts, the play has gone well for them.

Regarding the premium indicators of Investment Strategies, the financial institution gets 7 points out of 10 possible. Banco Sabadell, in the consolidation phase, has an upward trend in the medium and long term as the total momentum, which is positive. However, it seems that the volume of contracts is not able to pick up and volatility is increasing, depending on its range, both in the long and medium term.

An & # xe1; premium analysis Banco SabadellAn & # xe1; premium analysis Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell premium analysis

Fluidra, a multinational dedicated to the swimming pool and wellness sector, has risen in value on the Ibex 35 so far this year by almost 40%. “It is a very strong value. We see that there is a corrective phase; the rise is beginning to be well channeled and we must be very cautious, but I recommend keeping with a stop at 26.70”, highlights Antonio Espín.

On the other hand, according to the premium indicators of Investment Strategies, the stock obtains a score of 9.5, the highest of the four companies selected. Fluidra is in a bullish phase with all parameters positive, except for the long-term amplitude range, which measures volatility.

Fluidra premium an & # xe1; lysisFluidra premium an & # xe1; lysis

Fluidra premium analysis

In this sense, according to the Investment Strategies analyst José Antonio Gónzalez, Fluidra, despite the extreme overbought readings in the MACD oscillator and the readings of complacency in volatility, the price continues to advance vertically with extensive trading activity. “The situation continues to favor the registration of new highs as long as the price does not present a violation of the following support of 25.15 euros, which is an approximation to its simple moving average of 40 period or medium term, and a reduction in the activity of hiring, “he adds.

Third, Banco Santander, according to Espín, finally exceeds the resistance zone of 3 euros. “It slows down near the next one, at 3.25. It doesn’t have to be a very critical zone. The value may be moving upwards. If it exceeds 3.35, it could go to 4.25. We are here. speaking of more than 25% rally but I think it is possible, “he adds. Its shares are up 26.8% in the year and, like the rest, it is in a bullish phase.

As shown by the Investment Strategies indicators, the entity chaired by Ana Botín shows the technical parameters of trend and momentum in positive, unlike the volume and the amplitude range. Get 7 points out of 10 totals and is in the consolidation phase.

An & # xe1; premium analysis Banco SantanderAn & # xe1; premium analysis Banco Santander

Banco Santander premium analysis

Regarding recommendations, Kepler analysts have raised the target price of the bank’s shares from 3.6 euros to 3.82 euros per share, representing a potential of 19.5%.

Within the tourism sector, Melia Hotels stands out with an annual revaluation of more than 24%. In terms of technical analysis, EI’s premium indicators give it a score of 8. Medium-term volatility and trading volume are the parameters that resist value while long-term trend, timing and volume are positive.

An & # xe1; lysis premium Meli & # xe1;An & # xe1; lysis premium Meli & # xe1;

Meliá premium analysis

With these data on the table, the banking and tourism environment – linked to leisure – seem to be experiencing a faster recovery behavior compared to other sectors and, together with real estate, could be the drivers of the Spanish index.

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