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The bags have been targeted at the comeback after weeks of punishment and values ​​suffering new historical lows. One of the strongest climbers has become Sergio Ávila’s favorite, IG analyst. “Iberdrola is the value of the Ibex that I like the most right now, both fundamentally and technically”, specifies.

The IG expert considers that a market climate like the current one is conducive to the search for investment opportunities, both from a speculative vision in the short term, and for a longer duration. In this sense, he points out that in Iberdrola the overcoming of 9.49 euros per share invites to think that “most likely it is that it ends up giving a V-turn”.

In his opinion, there are different cases of Amadeus and Meliá Hotels, where despite the recent recovery in prices from lows that they have experienced, “they are not yet in an upward trend”. In the case of these two values ​​linked to the tourism sector, Ávila’s strategy does not go beyond “looking for some kind of rebound” in the short term.

Sergio Ávila, IG analyst, reviews investment opportunities.
                    Investment strategies

Meanwhile, the IG expert points out that “The American indices continue to have strength” and how “little by little they are attacking a zone of major resistance.” In this sense, he emphasizes that both progress towards a coronavirus vaccine and progressive reopening of economies, and especially from the United States, are driving Wall Street.

As regards the gold, the analyst considers that “it continues to be a reference asset to monitor” despite the fact that volatility has also been installed in its price. “Despite the fact that for quite a few sessions he has already traded in a lateral range, I think that you can see benefited“He comments in his analysis.