Ibercaja implements a virtual assistant with IBM Watson

Ibercaja implements a virtual assistant with IBM Watson

Ibercaja, together with IBM, a global leader in the hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence industry, and Enzyme Advising Group, a partner of the technology company, have announced the incorporation of a virtual assistant for internal use, which will support their more than 5,000 employees in insurance matters and will thus allow them to offer more agile and efficient service to their clients.

This wizard, based on IBM Watson artificial intelligence technology available on the IBM Cloud, helps the Bank’s client managers to easily find information related to the range of insurance in its offer and its regulations, which represent more than 2,000 and 15,000 documents , respectively.

As a result, the 1,000 queries on average that the customer managers made to the internal support service in this matter are considerably reduced daily, being able to speed up the answers to other questions of greater added value and thus improve the quality of your service. In short, it allows us to offer a more agile and efficient service, improving the customer experience.

In this sense, the Ibercaja Organization Director, Pedro Cervera, has assured that “the result has been very positive and the virtual assistant training has been more agile than in previous experiences with other providers, so we hope to be able to extend its use even for the end customer ”.

“IBM’s artificial intelligence and cloud capabilities are helping leading companies in their sectors to digitally transform, automate processes, be more agile and provide a better response to their clients, who are increasingly demanding more,” said Javier Valencia, Vice President of Technology at IBM Spain.

In the current moment of digital transformation, artificial intelligence technology is key to optimizing Ibercaja’s customer service, added the CEO of Enzyme Advising Group, Álvar Ortín.

The assistant has been developed by the Enzyme Advising Group with the artificial intelligence technology of IBM Watson Assistant and IBM Watson Discovery, available on the IBM Cloud, and the Enzyme Watson Accelerator (EWA), a tool designed to maximize the benefits of IBM components Watson, its speed and configuration.

Recently, the Board of Directors of the financial institution has approved its Sustainability Policy, which contemplates the integration of environmental, social and good governance (ESG) aspects into its business strategy.

With this step, the objective is to promote sustainable, inclusive and environmentally friendly growth, apart from positioning the entity as a benchmark in this field and demonstrating its commitment to sustainable development and the creation of value through its activity , establishing the global action framework that contains the commitments voluntarily assumed by Ibercaja with its stakeholders, including customers, staff, shareholders and investors, suppliers and society in general, as indicated by the entity.