Participating and working in politics guarantees television presenter Ibelka Ulerio to look for answers and bring solutions to many of the problems that affect the Dominican nation.

It is what the candidate considers as a deputy in the number one Circumscription, by the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI), chaired by Ismael Rayes.

If elected, she will introduce in Congress a series of proposals that will help, specifically, towards women.

Ibelka has been working on Dominican television for 20 years, is host of the program « Aqui se habla español » (Antena 7) and is a single mother of two girls.

She recently announced her aspirations for the candidacy for a deputation and although many applauded that as a woman and young woman she had the right to get involved in politics, she also found criticism from others who did not consider her fit to hold a seat in the House of Deputies.

« People will always criticize. I am very excited and I have very good expectations ”, she expressed about the criticism she has received when speaking with LISTÍN DIARIO.

Attracted by politics

In this congressional and presidential campaign a group of people from the artistic medium and television have launched themselves as candidates behind a position in Congress.

Ibelka is part of this group, which, for the first time, reaches politics and, unlike others, has joined a minority party.

« From the outside, citizens do not have the option or the tools to do anything, other than abide by the decisions made by our congressmen. It is within the policy that changes can be made ”, he explained.

While ensuring full awareness of what you are facing. He understands that the important thing is to get involved and work for those most in need.

“I have always done social and community work, but I have never felt the need to advertise it. Since I have been in the media, I have had a vocation for service, ”he explained.

On his entry into politics he said: « Complaining and criticizing will not solve anything, so I think the important thing is to get involved and work, from the Congress, for a better country. »

As far as Ibelka is concerned, what matters least is « what they will say ». In difficult moments, he has managed to face criticism with dignity.

His proposals

Ibelka knows the role of being a single mother very closely. Although her condition is different, she knows about the problems of women who are raising their children alone, so she will carry out a project with which she seeks to help single mothers. The one that will promote jobs, preparation, social and psychological assistance.

A sensitive issue in the country is orphan children as a result of domestic violence and femicides.

The communicator will present the protection plan for these infants, which will allow them to grow up with a dignified life and to overcome the effects of the tragedy they had to live through.

For the benefit of women, it also works on its aspirations in an education-based scheme to guide girls, youth and mothers, which includes providing sexual education, intellectual preparation, guidance and comprehensive development for women in the most vulnerable places in the country.

« With education, guidance and protection we will be facing child marriage, we will be preventing our girls from continuing to give birth to boys, also that our women are not victims of femicide and violence, among many other evils that affect our women. »

Why vote for Ibelka?

« Because I am young, because I am a woman, because politics in the country needs people who get involved, who are sensitive to human issues, who work with character and seriousness. Because there is no use complaining if we do not become part of the solution. ”

His life.

He is 40 years old. She is the youngest of three siblings. He was born in Santiago and developed his life in Santo Domingo. He has been working since the end of school. I study social communication. She entered television as a model working on various programs and was part of the mega-calendar in 2003.

In 2014 she married Luis Gabriel Viloria Soriano, father of her first daughter and who paid a sentence for the crime of card cloning. She then married the Spanish José Cristóbal Callado, father of her second daughter and from whom she divorced last year.