Ibai Llanos scores another goal from the hand of Sergio Ramos

The Real Madrid captain will chat with the popular youtuber this Thursday on his Twitch channel

Sergio Ramos will chat with Ibai on his Twitch channel


03/09/2021 02:19 PMUpdated 03/19/2021 19:16

He is one of the characters of the moment in Spain. Ibai Llanos has become a benchmark for many young people, who value their original and carefree style.

More and more athletes are also entering that online world, who give the Basque youtuber unconventional interviews where little-known nuances of his personality can be appreciated.

Well then, after Kun Agüero and Gerard Piqué, this Thursday is Segio Ramos’ turn. The captain of Real Madrid will break the silence that has been maintained in recent weeks in ‘Chatting quietly’, the talk show for Ibai’s Twitch channel.

The interview can be followed from 7:00 p.m., although an advance will be offered from 5:00 p.m. of what happens in the conversation between the two, and in which Ramos is expected to give some clue about his future.

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