Ibai Llanos receives the visit of this footballer in full direct and his face says it all

Ibai Llanos and Kun Agüero, this Wednesday. (Photo: TWITTER / @ IbaiLlanos)

Content creator Ibai Llanos has us accustomed to surprises and headlines with their clear statements, but this time, the surprise was taken by him with the unexpected visit of a famous footballer in full direct.

Kun Agüero burst by surprise in the middle of the Twitch streaming, in an orchestrated appearance between the footballer and the Argentine streamer Coscu, who has been visiting the house in Barcelona de Llanos for a few weeks.

Ibai Llanos and Coscu were live talking about the Argentina Cup match between Boca and River Plate. At that moment, Kun quickly entered and hugged the Spaniard from behind before he could react and recognize the player.

“What are you doing?” Llanos kept repeating to the laughter of the rest when he realized who the person who had just appeared was. “What are you doing, kid?” Repeated the footballer, now from Barcelona, ​​the words of the streamer, imitating the Spanish accent.

“What a scare you have given me,” Llanos acknowledged as he recovered from the shock of seeing Kun Agüero at home.

Llanos himself has made the moment public on his Twitter account with a single sentence: “Someday he is going to give me something.”

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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