Ibai Llanos apologizes on Twitter after this happened in his last broadcast

Finally, one of the most anticipated days for the Spanish streamer community has arrived. The charismatic announcer Ibai Llanos, which this Sunday Atlético de Madrid-Valencia narrated on their channel Twitch, revealed the new incorporations for his new project.

But although many people joined to follow the announcement of the new signings, during part of the broadcast the audio suffered some failures that made it difficult to follow the fans of the popular streamer.

Therefore, a few hours later Ibai Llanos He published a message on social networks in which he explained what happened and asked for forgiveness for what happened, but also for understanding.

“I had not recorded a video for more than a year to Twitter, it seems strange to me. First of all, I wanted to thank you for the reception that the presentation of the signings has had ”, he began by saying in a video shared on his personal account that already has more than 370 thousand views.

The announcer explained that “I think we have been like 420 thousand peak viewers. The seventh or eighth broadcast of Twitch Most viewed in all of history, it doesn’t make any kind of sense. And from my heart I wanted to thank you. I hope you liked both the signings and the video. We have done it as we have been able ”.

“We are not scriptwriters, we do not make videos, we do not work on this. We have done it between Barbe and me mainly. We are not film directors, but it was fun. You will tell me what you think ”, he made clear.

In addition, he wanted to clarify the subject of audio and ask for understanding among his followers in what is the first great video of his new era: “Then I also wanted to apologize for the subject of live audio. I know the audio has gone bad, but I also don’t like it when people get so aggressive about the audio. I want you to think that these attacks are not directed at me, they are directed at the poor kid who is doing this, with the sound issue. He’s the first screwed up and I’m the second if the audio goes bad… ”.

“The only thing I can tell you is that I invest in all this to go as well as possible and sometimes it doesn’t work out because we are human. Simply that, that you understand, I appologize. The kid was a bit screwed up, they even offered me the option of not charging me because I’ve been thinking ‘it went wrong and that’s it, nothing happens’. I apologize and I thank you ”, he ended by saying Ibai.

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